Name Day

I named this blog Maturation because it was the only word that I could afford that fit the situation. Maturation is a rather unattractive word for a sometimes unattractive experience but one that comes along regardless. You can’t stop maturation unless you commit suicide, have that Benjamin Button disease, or just stop trying to grow up and then no one will like you.

I wanted to name this blog “growing”, but that name was taken. (*Warning: that site is fake and will probably give your device a serious cold if not an all-out virus along with a free iPhone).

Back to the site name: I also tried to name the site “”, however that name is for sale for only 10,000 euros. Didn’t happen. Other synonyms for maturation include blossoming, flowering, ripening…none of which seemed to convey my meaning plus they sounded a bit fruity if not overtly sexual. Not what I was aiming for.

So I ended up with Still not what I want, but I can’t change it until September 30. Bear with me and just sign up for posts to be sent to you because the current name is a pain to remember and to type in.

*You were warned, but you tried it anyway…

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